Parents of Sherina Wijaya

I highly recommend ACS Jakarta to parents who want to see their children to grow and experience the healthy and balanced combination of academics, social experiences, and spiritual growth.

One of the main reasons Sherina accepted the ACS' scholarship offer is because the school's soccer field at ACS looks very attractive. Being in a soccer team is one thing that she has dreamed of since primary school. That was the beginning of her journey in ACS. As time went on, we began to see a genuine commitment from the school in fostering the potential of every child and to help them achieve their best results. The year Sherina came to ACS, the number of students who came through the scholarship path was very small, only totaling 6 children. Yet, the school still divided the EFL and ESL classes according to the ability of each child. Sherina got the opportunity to study in the EFL class with one of her classmates, and even though there were only 2 students, the school was still committed to give them one of their best EFL teachers.

ACS has also provided many opportunities for Sherina to develop her leadership skills through the Student Representative Council (SRC). Her involvement in the SRC made her more mature in terms of planning, decision making, problems solving, and socializing. Her character development was also nurtured well by the school, either through the morning devotions or from her interactions with her peers, the staff, and the teachers in school. With the full support of the school, Sherina successfully secured a scholarship from The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania, and is adapting very well there.

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