School Crest

Composite Creature

The upper part of the Crest shows a creature with a lion head, eagle wings and a dragon body with claws, representing the fact that the School was founded in Singapore when Singapore was a British colony, by the American Methodist Mission, and during the Manchu dynasty in China.

Blue and Gold Panels

The lower part of the ACS Crest comprises a panel of blue and another of gold, representing the heavens and the earth, super-imposed on which are the letters ACS in red, signifying life bridging earth and heaven.

Shield Shape

The ACS Crest is shaped as a shield to uphold knightly values such as chivalry, honour, valour, loyalty and manliness. The letters 'ACS', besides being the initials of the School's name, also spell Academic achievements, Christian Character, and Sportsmanship and Service beyond self. The Crest was designed in 1930 by the late Dr Yap Pheng Geck who was then a member of the staff.

School Anthem

In days of yore from western shores
Oldham dauntless hero came
and planted a Beacon of Truth and Light
in this island of the Main.

Here may it stand from year to year
emblem of grand endeavour
The regions round echo the sound
of ACS forever.

Sing ACS forever more,
our ACS forever.
God save our land and heaven bless
our ACS forever.

Siswa kami dari asia
dan dari belahan dunia,
semuanya menyanyikan 
ACS selamanya.

Hati dan tujuan satu 
takkan ada pertentangan, 
kita kan bersatu teguh 
untuk ACS selamanya.

Nyanyikan ACS selalu
ACS selamanya. 
Tuhan berkati negeri kita
ACS selamanya.

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