Parents of Phoebe, Patrick Tjandra and Tiffani Tjandra

Although there is no such thing as perfect school, I have chosen to place my children in ACS for 7 years and I have seen the improvement and achievements that ACS has contributed in my children. I believe the management, teachers and staff are doing their best to do it right.

My children are in the primary and secondary school in ACS Jakarta, in Grade 6 and 12 respectively. I see improvement in my little girl’s academics and I believe it's the environment at ACS that propels her to take her studies more seriously and diligently. As for my elder son; it's his second home and as he grows, he starts to think about his community and how to best serve them. This is a clear sign of maturity in the right direction, something that ACS Jakarta has instilled in him.

I’m glad that the school promotes diversity. My children learn to interact with friends from different backgrounds and beliefs that shape them to become more tolerant towards others and broaden their perspective. As for activities, I would like to see more activities that emphasize on creativity, innovation and technology. That being said, ACS has a good variety of sports programmes that cater to the different interests of students. Sports in ACS has been an important part of student development and is taken seriously.

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