Grade 3 Learning Journey to Rumah Keramik

23 April 2019

Ms Han Huimin

Primary Teacher


For our semester 2 learning journey, Grade 3 students visited Rumah Keramik on Tuesday, 19 March. Rumah Keramik is a child-friendly spot located in Depok, about one-hour from school. The objectives of having this learning journey are to provide the students with an insight into the art of ceramic, as well as to provide the students with a hands-on learning experience for art.

The students were ecstatic as they boarded the bus anticipating the fun activities they would do in Rumah Keramik. Upon arriving, all students and teachers took photos together. A guide from Rumah Keramik accompanied all the students and explained the history of Indonesian ceramic and the materials.

The students also got a chance to make pottery models which they could keep as souvenirs after the ceramic firing. As the students walked around the garden, they were able to see various pottery work in the center in the garden. The students and teachers enjoyed making different shapes of ceramic products. They rubbed, pinched and screamed with excitement when they managed to shape a ceramic toy. Their hands were covered in clay, but they were very happy. Below are comments from some of our students.

“I loved the field trip! It was so fun! First, we learned the ceramic history of Indonesia. Next, we made many ceramic toys with our own hands. They were so adorable!” –Tyler, 3R.

“l liked this learning journey, in this ceramic garden, we saw a lot of creative ceramic works, especially in the center of this garden, When we reached school, we bought some ceramic products as souvenirs for my parents home. I had an amazing adventure!” – Jorden, 3H.

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