Grade 2 Learning Journey to Taman Budaya Sentul City

22 April 2019

Ms Laurie

Primary Teacher


For the quarter 3 learning journey, the grade 2 students enjoyed an action filled a day at Taman Budaya Sentul City. Taman Budaya Sentul City is a large outdoor space where people of all ages can attempt different obstacles and challenges. These activities encourage children to work on their strength, coordination, confidence, and teamwork.

When we first arrived at the park, there was a mix of emotions among the kids. Everyone was excited. Some children were confident, but others were nervous.

We started the day with some movements to warm-up our bodies. These movements progressed into the chicken dance. We had a lot of fun as we danced to the catchy music that would later get stuck in our heads.

Safety measures were in place, but whenever attempting physical activities, there is always a risk of injury. A few children fell and got some scrapes and bruises. However, they showed great spirit and determination as they simply picked themselves up, dusted themselves off and continued the activities.

The flying fox was the highlight of our adventure. Those who were able to face the terrifying flying fox were rewarded with a memorable thrilling experience and a great sense of achievement. Many even wanted to do it again!

We had a great time and everyone should feel a sense of pride because they were able to complete different challenges.

Here is what a few students had to say about our learning journey:

“I felt excited and happy. I loved the obstacles because they were easy, but when I was riding the flying fox I was scared. I love Taman Budaya Sentul. When I was on the bus I was sad because the fun was over.” – Taaraz, 2T.

“I felt very excited when I first saw the obstacles and I really wanted to try them. When I tried the obstacles, I thought they were really fun. The activity that I liked the most was the flying fox. It was a great day!”  -Yarra, 2T.

“When I saw the course I was very excited. I liked the dancing and the people there because they were very nice. My favorite parts were the rope climbing and the flying fox. The rope climbing was hard but fun. The flying fox was very high and thrilling. When I went on it, I had a feeling that I had never felt before.” -Tristan, 2R

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