Grade 1 Learning Journey to Taman Budaya Sentul

19 April 2019

Ms Andi Tenri Elle Hapsari

Primary Teacher


On March 19th, Grade 1 students went to Taman Budaya Sentul City for their Learning Journey this second semester.

This place is well-known as one of the largest centers for adventure training and team building activities. It is staffed with professional trainers featuring a safe flying fox, fun obstacle activities, games and even art activities for many ages and abilities. Therefore, this place was chosen to be our destination with a focus on hands-on learning experience in Art.

Students were really excited as they waited in their own classes. They got to tell the story of how proud they were for preparing what they needed to bring by themselves and how well prepared they were for this learning journey, even though they’re still in grade 1. Some of them even prepared extra snacks to share with the whole class and teachers.

It took around one and a half hours to get to Taman Budaya Sentul City from ACS Jakarta, but it didn’t dampen their excitement. After arriving, trainers organized fun ice-breaking activities before embarking on the next journey based on class.

The activities were the rolated amount the classes to make sure everyone was able to finish them all on time. Their activities were a flying fox from a 2-storey height with full safety gear on, which continued with fun team building games such as the labyrinth box, giving directions to their blind-folded friend, mini basketball and sponge relay where they needed to work as a team to fill in the water jug as fast as they could.

“Oh my God! That was so FUN! I want to do the flying fox again!” shouted Emily (1R) ecstatically. Others also shared her feelings. Even Bryan, who previously almost backed out of the ride, said that it turned out that it didn’t scare him at all. It was fun and he would love to do it again.

“Yes! We won!” shouted Chae Hyeon happily, with the rest of the girls’ team, as they won the water sponge relay against the boys.

Their activities did not end there. After all those energy-sapping games, they wound down to do the next best thing on this journey, which was painting the kites. They were able to use the pointillism technique and other decorative techniques to fill in their painted objects. What’s more, they got to fly them during PE time the next day at school.

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