Class of 2020 Celebrates IB Results

15 July 2020

Mr Jigs Tadeo

Secondary Teacher

Class of 2020 Celebrates International Baccalaureate Diploma Results

The year 2020 saw another year of notable results for the IB cohort. ACS Jakarta outperformed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme world average by 6 points with a school average of 36 points. A total of 36 students were assessed for the IB Diploma and 89% of them achieved an average score higher than the global average of 30 points. The subject averages in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Business Management and Mandarin Ab Initio exceed the world averages by at least 1 point. This only shows that our students’ academic results reflect our shared commitment to excellence. This includes Louis, who achieved 43 points out of 45, the highest score in the batch and 10 more students achieved 40 points and above. While the high scores only reflects a small glimpse of the brilliance seen in our students worldwide, we are more than proud of the hard work and dedication from every student in the IB programme.




Congratulations to all our graduates and IBDP achievers for a job well done!

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