Program Inisiatif


The PSG Committee works closely with the School Management, Teachers, Staff and Student Council in executing the initiatives and programs in the school.


Enrichment Department (Primary & Secondary)

Our goal in the Enrichment Department of PSG is to provide various supplemental programmes for students and parents that complement the school’s syllabus. Our focus rest mainly on study skills techniques, introduction to puberty, mental health, preparation for university entrance and establishing network with the alumni of ACS for our current students. The pandemic has posed unique challenges in allowing us to obtain reputable vendors that offer effective and relevant modules. Motivational and enrichment seminars are, after all, best conducted in person. Another concern is the increased screen time that comes with more enrichment programs. Therefore we strove to cover only the most essential topics.

With a unified purpose, solid teamwork and friendship, the PSG has managed to overcome challenges and successfully hosted various enrichment events. To name some talks arranged and also will be Enrichment Upcoming programs (AY 2022-2023), such as, Alumni Talks (with alumnus studied in US, Asia, Australia & UK), Writing Workshop, Puberty Talk, Study Skill Workshops, University Preparation Talk, Money Management, Mental Health Talks & MIAW (Music V(i)sual Art Week)-Agnes Camelia, Lusy Haryanto, Yenny Dinata- (Enrichment Department)


PSALTY (Pray, Serve, Learn Together Yay! ) for Teens & Mommies.

As we were unable to meet physically these 2 years, we are unable to organize for any meaningful events where we can have fellowship with one another. So, in these 2 years, everything has to be conducted online, including our yearly retreats.
However, this online platform has also opened some new opportunities for us as well. As we are all online, we are able to involve people from all over the place.

We are thankful that we have a very supportive core members who are always ready and willing to support in our various programs. We hope that we will be able to have more ACS students join us . Looking forward to serve you more in person, during bible studies, retreats and seminars. To God be the glory. – Fifi Kwong, Yoelin Gozalie, Lynn, Ningsih, Jessie, Patricia, Susy (Psalty & Teen Fellowship)



GA works in partnership with the school and PSG on all matters related to health & security issues in order to provide a safe, healthy environment for the school community. 

Some of the programmes are:

-  Annual health check-up for school students (including eye & teeth check-up optional)

- Quarterly provide food testing feedback of school canteen vendors

- Regular feedback sessions on matters relating to safety & health issues of students

- Operation of healthy food stall 



To be a channel of blessing to the needy in the community through many activities.

ACS Care Team filed in 50+ pages report during 2020-2022! The team thrive through all the limitation during the uncommon situation and new normal, still going strong helping others (both internal ie. Ramadhan packages & external community ie. Orphanages, nursing homes, social homes, mental institutions, dog shelters). 

Though face-to-face visitation were not able to be done as usual, few activities can be done together, during the lower cases situation with the students (teen fellowship team) send the donation to the appointed organizations yet every other things were done online. When the situation is permitted, all the acs care activities would be resumed .

All the funds (cash & goods) received from ACS community through selling products and charity bazaar were responsibly distributed to those need it the most. 

-Ningsih Tedjo, Farida Alamsja, Yulia Kurniawan- (ACS Care Team)


Sports & CCA

-To Organize parents to partner with the school to form a strong community that support & promote sports

- To celebrate with the school its achievement in these areas and encourage parents to instill good character & values in their children.

-To support the PE department by publicizing ACS Jakarta sport programs to attract as many participants as possible

-To liaise with sponsors to support our events or programs, in any form, such as jersey uniform, drinks and many more



-To design and sell products related to school activities, like shirts, jacket, hoodie, mask, socks, gym bag, shoes bag, water bottle and other accessories. The profit of selling will proceed to PSG fund to run activities initiated by PSG Departments


Indonesia 76th Independence Day Celebration & Upcoming 77Th Celebration
Discovering Our Root Treasuring Our History

Students  interviewed their grandparents & discovered their struggles & success stories, how they are inspired by their grandfathers, grandmothers. They also did the traditional   Independence Day like eating kerupuk (traditional crackers), race walking/marching, sack race with their grandparents in the comfort of their home, observing the Covid Protocol. 

It was precious to see the smile & laughter of our seniors as they dance, play game of chess & sing the Independence Day songs with their grandchildren. 

May this celebration instil the importance of making time with grandparents & knowing family history.

“Dream as high as the sky. If you fall, you will fall among the stars” - Sukarno, Founding Father of Indonesia – Alfa Winarno & Independence Day Festival Team-

This year 77th celebration motto “ Pulih Lebih Cepat, Bangkit Lebih Kuat,” inspired our celebration that will adapt the “new normal” situation.

Some activities such as Chef Mama Competition for parents to compete in preparing lunch box (bento) with love,  Lenggak Lenggok Nusantara in supporting the project “Kebaya Goes to UNESCO”, a beautiful traditional Javanese inspired photobooth was prepared for anyone to take pictures for memory of ACS Jakarta Many other activities which are nostalgic traditional games and plays for parents are included in our feast.

Teachers Day 

Through 2020-2022 PSG held Teachers’ Day through zoom. This year our theme was “ACS Jakarta Non Academic Award”. The parents showed their appreciation for the teachers, through the PSG, by having the Teachers Day event. 

The PSG organized prizes, games, Kahoot and also wheel of fortune. Also, all the teachers were entertained by watch the dancing, dubbing and drama performance from fellow teachers. 

For the upcoming project for Teachers Day 2022 theme is still on discussion.

-Yenny Dinata &  Teachers Day Team-


Career Day 
Career Day is the most exciting and challenging PSG event. The purpose of Career day is to let students listen and learn from the successful and inspiring life experiences of our guest speakers. Finding successful people is not difficult, but the challenge is finding successful people with different backgrounds and industries who are willing to spare their time and genuinely want to share their experiences to the young generation. And on top of that, students also deserve to learn from a person who has integrity, good reputation and good character who can inspire the students to adopt a right way of thinking and way of life.
During the pandemic, Career Day has been conducted by zoom. We used this opportunity to reach our speakers from overseas. This brought other challenges such as long distance communication and time difference. It requires networking, hardworking and lots of patience in the preparation process which took months.

However, the result in the end always made the challenges worth it. Also by God’s grace, in every Careers day, we are always joined by such qualified guest speakers for our students. Each year, we have different speakers from different background, industries and expertise come to share their valuable insights with the students. The opportunity that Careers Day provide to students to listen, learn and communicate directly with the speakers to broaden their knowledge and worldview is invaluable is what makes this event so exciting and rewarding.

-Valentina Winata & Lusy Heryanto with CD Team-



PSG Committees, class parents and parents bonding time with activities outside the school to get to know each other and to build an connection as parent support group members. 


CHRISTMAS PROJECT (Christmas Spirit Art & Craft for Students, Parents performance for Christmas Service)


MIAW (Music, Visual & Art) Week, Bahasa and English Literature Week 

(in liaison with teachers & curriculum programmes)




ACS FAIR & ACS AQUATHLON (Biannual Family/Community Day) 

Aquathlon was a continuous, two-stage race of swimming followed by running. The races were done by student, parents, teachers, staff and alumnus of ACS community. 

The event was planned, organized, executed and documented by ACS Jakarta parent volunteers.

ACS Fair is organized to support the Aquathlon event as well as to provide opportunity for the entire ACS community to bond as they do some fund and meaningful activities together.

The last event was held on 2019 and was paused due to the pandemic situation, it has been successfully completed with a total attendance of 1500 people. It was a full day of exciting sport, fun and memorable moments for the entire ACS Jakarta families & community.

~Agnes, Fifi, Alfa~



Resilience and perseverance, the right way to survive in uncertainty, is a must to encounter all the challenges, and this is the “theme” inspired PSG for some of the activities to encourage the ACS community, students, teachers  & parents to overcome the milestones. 

As “Life Goes On”, the school and all of us in general have been adapting to new normal in most aspects of live.


During  2020-2022 PSG programs are still run through online platform, with some adjustment here and there, the resilience is the one we adapt to face last-minute obstacles to achieve the goals. Some activities such as Independence Day Celebration and Teachers Day as intermezzo to overcome burn-out facing the situations and online learning.


And now in this new academic year of 2022-2023,  we are ready to power through “new normal” with in-person activities adapting the health protocols.

The Best is Yet to Be

 -Audrey Tjahjono-


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